Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Springs Art and Village Fest Part 2

We made another trip to the Thursday evening Village Fest. This time Tom and I sampled the food at the middle-Eastern booth: a falafel plate for me and a gyro plate for him. After stuffing ourselves, we set out to explore.

Found: the Elena Bulatova Fine Art Gallery.

With figures made entirely of washers. No room for them in the rolling house, though we were offered a $2000 discount.

Is he from the future or the past?

I especially liked the chain tresses on this guy.

Saxaphone made from golf clubs

Madonna and Child

 I could probably find room for a sculpture this size.

Back to the street fair

To remember granddaughter possibilities for later

 Different street musicians were there this week.

 I have the card of this wood-worker. He had pull-toy cats and dachshunds but no corgis yet.

That was our last trip for this season but it's on our list for next year.