Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Grand Canyon, 2013

Taking the opportunity to post pictures from my lost year. 

After that CWCCA National Specialty in Tucson Jamie, Catherine, Tom and I traveled back to Oregon together. Between being sick and having horrible problems at the day job it wasn't the best of trips but there were some memorable portions.

Our first stop was at the Grand Canyon. It started out as a cold but beautiful day.

A storm was approaching.

And then . . .

it started snowing.

We had reservations to camp in the park. We were in our 26' RV; Jamie and Catherine were to be tent-camping. There was no way we were going to be able to camp without heat or power overnight with the temperature down in the 20's. There is a "no generator" rule but noting that everyone else had left we asked the ranger if it could be waived. No. So we packed up and headed down the hill to a gravel-lot RV park.

Now you can imagine four adults and eight dogs in a 26' Class C Motorhome. Visualize further one of the dogs coming down with explosive diarrhea. And one of the girls being in heat. With three intact males on board.

Happy Birthday, Catherine.

The next day the sky cleared up, though it was still cold.

We walked a little way down the Bright Angel Trail.

Tusayan Ruin

Back to the canyon

Wildlife Photos