Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

This was a chance stop on our way home from Tractor Supply in Yucca Valley. We knew that the preserve existed but not that there was so much there.

We only had time to do the short Marsh trail (in green) this trip, plus we weren't equipped for a longer desert hike in the warm weather.

Believe the signs. This would not be a good place to bring your dog.

Who knew that there are really such things as doodlebugs? Seen below in their wild habitat. 

Old cottonwoods

Desert Mistletoe 

 The fan palms are not native here but were planted by the original ranch owners.

Something jumped out of the stream  . . .

. . . and left muddy tracks on the walk. For size: each of the boards on the walk is 6". Comparing tracks to the guide book, we believe that it was a mountain lion.

Cool and shady.

Hollow tree. The picture below is looking from the top knothole on the left to the bottom large knot.

Ken and I did our good deed by removing a fallen tree off the walk.

On down the path.

The claw marks are from a black bear who was trying to dig out a beehive from under the walk.

The largest wildlife we saw in person were a few lizards.

Pack rat nest

Added to our list for future hikes.