Friday, April 27, 2007

Neighborhood Get-Together

One of the things about living "out" is that you don't always get to know your neighbors. I have met a few people when I've been out walking my dogs (corgis will do that) but for the most part you live amid strangers. Marcia Shultz and Mildred Mac (above) decided that it was time that some of us got to know each other. They hosted an afternoon tea-party for those of us who could come from the lower-Ramsey, Old Sam's Valley, Country Lane, and McDonough road area. It was held at Mrs. Mac's house, which is the big white house down at the corner. The weather cooperated to make it the loveliest of spring afternoons. I got to know Mary who lives next door up-the-hill ("Hi" if you're reading this) and I admit that I shouldn't have been shy and waited so long. I told her that I'm always sensitive about the dogs (i.e. barking) and that we did have some issues with the previous owners of their place. While they don't have a dog, I guess that her father-in-law was a vet and they actually like dogs. Whew! We must get together soon for a barbeque and a bottle of wine. There were interesting stories. Mrs. Mac and her husband moved to the area from Colorado in 1951. They were two of the three teachers at Sam's Valley Elementary in the 1950's when it was in the old building on Old Sam's Valley Road. That building has now been converted to a residence, and the owner is sitting right at the corner of the house in the picture above. One of Mrs. Mac's sons who recently retired was in the foreign service in the middle east, including stints in Israel during the 6-day war and in Baghdad. His mother was able to visit him in several locations, including Baghdad. Southern Oregon is truly perfection this time of year. Mrs. Mac's house sits just high enough above the valley for an exquisite view. Above you see the Shultz's alfalfa fields, Upper Table Rock, and Mt McLoughlin in the background. Below the view is of Lower Table Rock. We all agreed that we must "do this again" and several people were volunteering that they could possibly host a party.