Friday, July 24, 2015

Rogue Nation

We recently spent two weeks at the Port of Newport Marina and RV Park  in Newport, Oregon. I could easily have stayed longer.

There are both dry camping and full hookup sections in the park; we opted for having the hookups. There are long pull-through sites in the center section and some back-in sites as well. But this is a park where there is an advantage in having a relatively short motorhome: the pull in spaces. We had a spot on the end where our view from the front window was of trees and marina parking with easy accessibility for dog-walking.

From our side windows: the Yaquina Bay Bridge:

And . . .

Location, location, location.

Steps from the Rogue Brewery and Restaurant and the Rogue House of Spirits.

Now proud members of the Rogue Nation!

On Saturday July 18th was the annual Barrel to Keg Relay - which we didn't know about until people descended upon us. Runners everywhere and many of their transport vehicles were decorated.

This one I liked: "No wineing over what ales you."

For any dog lovers who will be in that area . . .

The second-floor restaurant overlooks the marina.

The tuna boat is out fishing Monday through Wednesday and sells whole fish behind the brewery Thursday through Sunday or until it's gone. For those who have not tried grilled fresh tuna: just take my word for it and do.

The Yaquina Bay Bridge from the ocean side at high tide 

and at low tide.

I have one complaint:

Trashy marina people!

Mind you there are poop-bag dispensers and dumpsters placed strategically all over. When we first arrived I went out with a trash bag and my grabber and cleaned our site. (Note: it was worse than most being just downhill from the boat-wash dumpster.) Every time I walked a dog I took extra bags and picked up other dogs' poop. And one day I went up to the parking area with my grabber and a trash bag and spent a couple of hours just gathering up trash. People kept stopping and looking at me. Then Tom reminded me that I was wearing an orange t-shirt.  People thought I was on community service and were looking to see if I was someone they knew.

We will be going back and I will pick up trash and poop again. I wonder if we can get reduced camping rates for that?

I recently shared this article on Facebook.

The marina area has paths from everywhere and signs along them telling you just how far it is. I admit to having recurrent nightmares about tsunamis and left my clothes and shoes out every night just in case.  I mean it's going to happen sometime, right?

Other attractions within walking distance:

The Hatfield Marine Science Center.  I was surprised at the number of exhibits including all areas of marine science. Well worth a visit for adults as well as for children.

I visited the north coast during those November and December storms.

At the HMSC there is a piece of the dock which floated from Japan to just north of Newport after the earthquake and tsunami.

Behind the center there is a nature walk along the estuary. It has only one problem:

But I understand.

We did not get back to the Oregon Coast Aquarium this visit. You can see many of our pictures from  here and here and here.

We took one long walk along the south beach starting from Lost Creek.

This was a flock of tiny shorebirds which moved as a mass. I'm not sure what they are so must research a little more. I have a video of them; these shots were two clips from it.

We are already making plans for next summer.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Because You Can Never Have Too Many Pictures of Roses

Shore Acres and Cape Arago, July 2015

Credit goes to son Jamie for most of the great photos.

"Midas Touch"



"Rockin' Robin"

"Class Act"

"New Beginning"

"Hot Cocoa"

"Hot Cocoa"



"Honey Perfume"

"Honey Perfume"

"Walking on Sunshine"

"Walking on Sunshine"

"Love and Peace"




The Japanese Garden

Trailing Fuschia: "Blacky"


 From the Hot House

Begonia: "Escargot"



The Ocean

Simpson Beach

Sea Lions at Cape Arago