Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Oregon Brews

We used to do wine tasting in Oregon.

Well ok, we still do. But I have a secret to tell you: I have learned that I enjoy craft beers even more than wine.

Here are a few of the places we visited this summer.

Ancestry Brewing

In Tualatin, also features an excellent food menu


The Portland International Beerfest

So many beers, so little time.

We kept a list of those we especially enjoyed, with our initials.

Freemont Brewery, WA Bourbon Abominable (B Bomb), Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer - cg
10 Barrel Brewery, OR Estonya, Barrel Aged Imperial Porter - tc
Great Divide Brewery, CO Yeti - cg
Global Beer, Belgium Bourbon Barrel Scotch de Silly - cc
Fremont Brewery, WA Kentucky Coffee Dark Star, Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (Oatmeal) - cg
Planktown Brewery, OR Unobtainium III, Double IPAS - cc
Wetten, Belgium Straffe Hendrik Barrel Aged Heritage 2013, Oak-Aged Quadruple - kg
B. United, Belgium 2012 JW Lee's Port Barrel, Barrel Aged English Barley Wine - jc

And there were puppies . . .

Cathy Kissed one!

And food vendors

Website for Bo Kwon's so that I can find them again.

Kimchi Quesadilla where have you been all my life?


Rogue Brewing 

 "Garage Sale" annually on Fourth of July Weekend

Ken and Cathy had not done the tour before so we took the opportunity to go again.

New since last time: they now have their own barrel works.

The cooper is a little touchy about his his tools.

Interesting labels . . .

The distillery:

I can recommend Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka. For desert. Just trust me on this.

A favorite from 2016. 

Kady aspires to be a Dog Ambassador for Rogue!


Bent Shovel

Conveniently located near Barton Park.

Must remember to check this out next year.


 The Oregon Trail Brewfest  

The inaugural year held in conjunction with the annual First City Celebration. I have no idea why I did not take more pictures.


Toward the end of August we spent a couple of weeks in McMinnville. We visited the Thursday Farmer's Market a couple of times. When you get hot and tired this place is right at the exit:

 The board is always changing. Digital Pour keeps track of how much they have of each item. How I wish we had come up with that.

Ignore sour look on face. The brewer does not have the same taste for really hoppy/piney IPAs that I do, but was quite knowledgeable.

Nearby in Dundee but not pictured:

and a good Mexican restaurant right across the street:

It's not only beer that we enjoy . . .

We had the opportunity to attend a cupping at Caravan Coffee in Newberg.

We should order some more coffee.



For Cathy's birthday we visited Rogue Farms in Independence.

 The end of August is harvest time. You can see the before and after here.

Lunch and beer on the deck where they were hanging garlands of hops. I wish that I could package the smell for you.

You are allowed to wander through the hop vines as long as you don't pick.

Then we went up to Barton Park for a second ten-days (you can only stay ten days at a time). Friends and Family met at the Rogue Pub in Portland for my birthday.

 Baby Nora consumed no beer.

Here's to another year!