Sunday, January 21, 2018

Women's March #2

I flew up to Medford on January 12th to be with my mom during and after her knee-replacement surgery. I had googled and checked Facebook and found that indeed there was a Second Annual Women's March scheduled locally.

I haven't seen an official headcount, but there were A LOT of people! I was so impressed and so happy to see the support for women's rights and for equality for ALL.

We started gathering about 10:30 in Hawthorne Park.

 Good sign, dude.

 Women's Progressive Party. Not a bad idea.

 Group advocating Medicare for All in Oregon.


Melania was also in attendance.

Little Girls Against Trump.

 Attendees from toddlers in strollers up to grandmas with walkers.

 A sea of pink hats.

Including my own, crocheted by the mom of a friend.

The Constitution guarantees a free press, although Trump's friend Duterte recently used the Philippine constitution to suppress it, so who knows?

Entertained by music, to which we often sang along. At one point came Helen Reddy's "I am Woman" remembered fondly from about the year we got married. I was singing along with a couple about my age and after we were talking about how much hope we had back in the early 70's and what had happened to change us. "Life" opined the man. Yes, we had to make a living and support our families and I can speak in my own case that it led to a subjugation of my personal values.

I feel a need to make up for that now. 

And we're off . . .

Except that I stopped to watch this great street performance. Note march going on in background.


Downtown at "Pear Blossom Park"

Due to my delay, I was standing in the sidelines but could still hear the speakers.

I was particularly impressed by Jamie McLeod-Skinner who is opposing Greg Walden representing Oregon 2nd District. Walden needs to go, but looking at the 2nd District's demographics it probably won't happen. As legal residents of Clackamas County we are no longer in his district.


This is what democracy looks like.

And today (January 21st) is granddaughter Leonora's second birthday. Nora, I marched for you.