Sunday, September 20, 2015

On the Oregon Trail in Wyoming

The Oregon Buttes, a landmark on the Oregon and Mormon Trails.

The trail going off into the distance.

A fence straddles the trail

Our covered wagon and pony in the background.

A number of these signs warned of animals on the road.

We spent the night at a KOA in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

We had planned to stay in Lava Hot Springs, but not necessarily at the KOA which offered a reservation online at $65 per night.We checked at and found two other parks that sounded better. Being September and after the season we thought "don't need no silly reservations." 

As we were coming into town, we saw one of these parks of to the right. It looked new and clean, so we turned down the road to it.

And found a chain across the driveway. Closed for the season. On a dead-end road heading up into the mountains with no way to turn around in the driveway.

Up the road a bit we found a place down by the creek that we could pull the RV into, unhook the jeep, and jockey around to go back up the embankment to the road going back to town.

I followed in the jeep as Tom headed to the next park on the list: also closed. Note to self: Idaho seems to close in September.

Pulled into the KOA, where they were experiencing a sewer blockage. No problem: we don't need full hookups for an over-nighter. The price turned out to be $35 rather than the $65 quoted on the KOA website, plus they gave us a discount due to the sewer malfunction.

The next day we were onward to Oregon.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

South Pass City, Wyoming

The pass is at the south end of the Wind River range. The Oregon Trail passed throught this area.

Many of the buildings are restored. In another portion of town people still live. This Mercantile is still open with goods for sale.


This house was built partially into the hill

An old mine above the town.

I found it interesting that Wyoming was such an early proponent of suffrage and women's rights.

Printing press in the newspaper office.

Livery stable.

Below: rooms from hotel.

Click for larger view of brochure

The Carrisa Mine


On return trip: view back down into the valley and Lander.