Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Trails with Dora - Family visits

Hi, Hi, it's me Dodah! And I'm here to tell you the stories that Kady can't or won't.

Stories like when we went to Coeur d'Alene. There we found my niece Llewellyn! She is Delta's daughter and is very smart.

I played in the dog yard with her and we were even joined by a Brittany. Kady was there too but she had to sit on the table with her leash on because she does not play well with others.

She's pretty cute, even though she's still a young brat.

Then my niece Mae came and my sire Pie!

Mae was bigger than when I saw her last time. I had to wash her ears and then I had to lay my head down over her neck so that she would know that I was older and it is my house and I am IN CHARGE.

Once we got that straight we played.  Kady watched.

After Idaho we went to Camp Corgi at Grayland Beach State Park. There had been a lot of rain and the paths to the south end of the beach had lots of ponds that weren't there before.

Ponds don't bother me!  BYE!!

The best times are when it is just Mom and Me and we go to the beach!

I ran down the beach and I rolled and rolled in all of the good ocean smells.

I run run into the water.

And then I come back to Mom.

Sometimes I drink the water or lay down in it so that I can smell all ocean-y myself.

Jamie and Catherine and Nora came to the beach and my nephew Franklin and I had fun. He is Llewellyn's twin brother.

I don't think Nora likes the ocean as much as I do.

There were other corgis there too and we walked on the beach together.

After Grayland we went to Fort Stephens State Park.

While we were there Mom and I took walks to the little lake.

Tastes better than the ocean.

I got to swim in Lake Superior earlier in the trip, but nobody took a picture!  We will have to go back.

Grayland Beach

Subtitle: Camping with a one-year-old

This was supposed to be a premium spot with beach access, but I believe that it has been some time since the beach was made easily accessible.

As you plow your way through the brush . . .

Beautiful beach.

Nora has favorites. Tiger, mouse, and magnet.

 She was still deciding about sand.

Fun for adults, boring for babies.

We were fortunate enough to be there for Pirate Days in Westport.

I bought a couple of hair ties after being a demo.

 Deciding which coat grandparents should buy.

The winner!

 Should have bought but didn't.

Did buy this artwork painted totally and only with coffee.


 Must always hit Brady's Oysters.

I wish Nora would have smiled for this picture!