Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Another Election Year

Edit post-election. Well, that didn't work out for me so well.

Pause a moment for poor Donald Trump,
His ratings are in quite a slump.
Oh what a world
To be beat by a girl,
And not even one he can hump.


The question is who has the temperament
To hold down the office of President.
The middle night tweets,
The people he cheats,
The answer just should be self-evident.


And then we come to Mike Pence
His debate answers caused me to wince.
I'm at a loss
Does he not know his boss
Spews hate-talk that makes little sense?


The issue of Hillary's e-mail
Opposition regards it a key fail
Don't rise to the bait
Of the mongers of hate,
The true issue is that she's female.