Monday, July 31, 2017

And that was July

This year we reserved the entire month at the Newport Marina RV Park. It was bordering on too cold to do much most of the month, which I used as an excuse to do almost nothing. Nothing that is outside of sitting at my computer working on a rewrite of the CWCCA website. I didn't originally intend to do that; it just sort of happened.

First a few Oregon Coast pictures from the trip south.

Rogue Brewing and the Marina/RV park from the Yaquina Bay bridge.

 Home sweet home.

 Our first neighbors were there for the crabbing. To compensate for overrunning their spot into ours, they gave us a couple of young Dungeness. Tender, flavorful, and delicious.

Jamie, Catherine, and Nora stopped by for lunch on the way to their annual SCA event.

 We put up our feeder and attracted goldfinches.

The best part of staying at the marina for the Fourth of July is the front-row seat for fireworks. People come from all around and park in the Marina lot to set off their own fireworks in a (relatively) safe place.

And after dark the official show starts.

J and C and the granddaughter came back through on their way home, which required a trip to Rogue.

Crayons were provided.

Nora was learning the proper use of a fork.

Or not . . .

I did manage to take a couple of walks in the month, which Dora can tell you about. I'll just share a few pictures.

We took one trip down to Yachats and visited Yachats Brewing + Farmstore. Highly recommended for both brews and food. In addition to beers, they ferment their own kimchi and other pickled vegetables.

 This sign in the brewery struck a chord on several levels.

A view of the Waldport bridge on our way back to Newport.

Towards the end of our stay I met friends for lunch at Pelican Brewing in Pacific City. I can recommend the Beak Breaker IPA. I like hops. Lots of hops. I don't remember what I ate. Maybe it was the dessert on the beach.

We also had a meal at Fishtails Cafe near the marina and we will be back. If you go, try the Slumgullion:

Our original recipe Clam Chowder (which we also serve by the bowl or cup with garlic bread) baked with Shrimp and Three White Cheeses, seved with our homemade Garlic Bread.