Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Morning Commute

Yesterday morning I was appreciating my drive to work. It is still a beautiful time of year here and the rain and cooler temps the last few days has freshened everything. As long as we have some rain through June it will stay green. I remembered that Traci took some pictures as she was driving down the road. I looked around carefully and there were no cows, so I decided to go for it. I didn't really aim. Who needs to when you can just crop later?
I have a funny old dog story to tell from yesterday morning. Julie was dogging my feet as I was preparing to leave. I opened the door between the kitchen and the garage and Julie blasted her way out past me. Tom said "She wants to go to work with you. "

Umm no . . . I don't think so. She wasn't standing by the back of the car. She was eagerly waiting by the passenger-side door of the truck, smiling and wagging her tail. She doesn't want to go to work. She wants to go camping again!

 I didn't feel like picking her up and carrying her back inside (she absolutely refused to be able to hear "come"). I went and got a string (aka leash) and lead her dejectedly back into the house.

 Julie said "Who the heck made you in charge of our schedule, anyway."

We'll take her camping again soon.