Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Komments by KADY! Issue #2

Oh My Gosh, Friends!  I almost thought that there wasn't going to be an second issue of my Komments!  I have so much to tell you . . .

We left our nice campground at Champoeg where we had our ex-pen all set up and everything and we went to somewhere that was all dry and rocky and really HOT.  And most of the good camping was all full for the week so we stayed in this place in Dallesport, Washington.

And it was a little ok for walking on that gravel road you see by the poplar trees. And they didn't say anything to dad about number of dogs when he made the reservation (no website) but when he went to pay the man in the office there was a sign that said "two dogs" but he decided we would ignore it and only walk two at a time because we were only going to sleep there.  But there was one problem with walking there.  Look what got in mom's paws:

And ours too a little.   They need to borrow Darrell and his brother Darrell from Penni.

Most of the weekend we spent at the house of our Uncle Gary and Aunt Louise and our cousins Styx and Spencer.  Dora really like Spencer a lot and wanted to stay with him but mom said "no".

And Aunt Louise has lots of tomato vines that dogs can pick their own cherry tomatoes out of.  That greedy grandma Alice dog picked herself a great big heirloom tomato that must have weighed two pounds and she wasn't supposed to do that but she ate the whole thing.

Dora and Huxley let their tongues hang out alot.

And she has a jungle that dogs can play in and hide in and we had so much fun.

Grandma Alice spent so much time in the tomatoes that the hair on the back of her neck turned all yellow and stuff.

And I was so full and fat and happy with everything.

The we left there and we went for one night to Pullman Washington and we saw uncle/daddy Pilot and there were puppies but we didn't get to play with them.  We stayed in the City Park there and the spaces were little but dogs were ok.

Then we went to Deer Park but we didn't see any deer there.  It was a really nice RV park and they liked dogs so much they even gave us our own fenced yards to play in.

We had a pretty spot right across the street from a big field and the play place for human puppies and a dog yard was close.  The people in the office said that dogs could go walk in the big tall-grass area across the street too but mom said that we were too short.

View of dog yard and club house from our house. 

It was a really good place for dogs.  Spokane Deer Park RV Resort.

Spokane and Coeur d'Alene have another really neat thing for dogs (as long as it's Alice and Hux that have to go and not me!).  They have Car Wash Plazas that have dog washes in them!

Grandma Alice got all of that tomato stuff washed off of her.

I'm not sure that Huxley liked it so much but he smelled better.

Mom thinks that more places should have Car Wash Plazas, especially for us RV dogs that travel.

Dora said that she didn't feel very good, but it was just cramps.  Mom says that she is going to fix Dora so that it doesn't happen to her any more.  It makes Huxley bark and cry too much.


Mom wasn't sure if I ate too much beef trachea or what but I think maybe it was too much green tomatoes that got me.  First I had dire-rear but then I got sicker and kept barfing and I couldn't even drink water without barfing and I felt so bad.   It was Saturday night and mom tried to call the vet in Deer Park that is right by the RV Park in a new pretty office.  They had an emergency number listed on their website and mom called it and got the answering service.  And so the answering service tried to patch mom through to the doctor on call and he didn't answer his phone so the answering service left him a message.  And he didn't call back for like Two Hours!  A dog could have died!!  And then when mom talked to the vet she said he sounded really clueless anyway.

Mom says she is used to dealing with sick dogs and she knew that I was really sick and thought that I had pancreatitis because they had a dog named Dirk that had that before.  Fortunately Mandy had shown us where the vet was that fixed up my mom Boo-Hannah when she got runned over two years ago and mom called them at 10:30 at night.

They are really nice people at the Pet Emergency Clinic in Spokane.  The doctor didn't necessarily listen to mom right away and wanted to do xrays and stuff in case I had a blockage or something else but mom said "just do the blood tests first" and they have a lab right there in the hospital so can get blood test results in about a half hour.  It was 40 minutes from Deer Park to the hospital and I didn't get to see the vet until after midnight, then mom called as soon as they got back to Deer Park which was about 1:30 a.m. and the doctor said that mom was right, I had elevated pancreas enzymes or something.  I don't know, I just know that I had a really really bad stomach ache.

The hospital gave me IV fluids and got me rehydrated and drugs and the next morning (or just a few hours later mom said) mom and dad came and rescued me.  The doctor said maybe I should be in the hospital longer, but mom said that she was used to taking care of sick dogs and the doctor knew we had to move and said it was ok and was really nice and told us to have a good trip.

And I didn't feel too good for a couple of days but now I'm all better.

Then we went back to Woodburn for another whole week.  Mom and Dad had to pick up their RV Registration in Salem then Mom had to do a week of work to help pay for my hospital bill.

We had a pretty good spot with a view of the creek and trees.

Mom thought this picture was funny.  This is what Huxley looks like when you swat flies with the fly-swatter.  You would think he had been beaten with it but I know he never has.

I feel all better now.

The Best of Spokane (and area)

It was a nice visit to the Spokane area. In the past, we had either been there for a dog show or to visit a client and had not taken the time to enjoy parks or the surrounding area. This time we ventured out of the city, staying about 40 minutes north of town at a Golf course/RV resort in Deer Park (Spokane RV Resort). The park is like Two Springs in Palm Springs where you can buy a permanent lot, though overnighters are also welcome.  Very clean and well-manicured, fenced dog yard and no dog limit.  We will stay there again.

We did take one day to work (and visit our client), but the other days we were able to spend with Mandy, who had the week off, and to explore some more of the area.

Lake Coeur d'Alene.

We also noted a good RV Park (Blackwell Island) just out of Coeur d'Alene which we may give a try in the future.  Pricey, but it's right on the lake.

Mount Spokane

It was hazy due to smoke from the Washington fires, but the views are still spectacular.

The vista house, built in 1934.  


Manito Park

Old Fashioned Rose Garden

And zinnias too.  I love zinnias.

The Japanese Garden.  Which would have been perfect if some parents had taken the opportunity to explain the meaning of "tranquility" to their offspring.  The garden should be about peace and reflection, not about playing in the waterfall.  I managed to avoid them in the photos.

Next trip we plan to spend even more time in the gardens.  The dogs would have enjoyed it as well.  Except, that is, for the Japanese gardens where they are not permitted.  And children should not have been.