Sunday, January 27, 2013

The New Toad

No, it is not green.

It's a version of the "red sports car" every man seems to want at a certain age.

See?  It says "Sport" right on it. 

I foresee a lot more desert time in our future.

Meanwhile, the Element has become officially "my" car.  I loved the gas mileage of the Prius and it saved me a lot during the six years of commuting that I drove it.  Summers were fine . . . winters not so much.  I always end up taking the Element for a dog-mobile anyway.

We've actually had the jeep for going-on two weeks, but between the Rose City shows last weekend and the 52-hour work week that followed, today was the first day I got to ride in it other than a short drive home from the dealership.

So: there it is, Mom.  And yes, it has the bells-and-whistles to make in comfortable on the inside, too.

Thinking warm, dry, sunny thoughts.