Monday, March 13, 2017

Desert in Bloom - Joshua Tree

It is March and the Joshua Trees are blooming.

Bouldering Baby!

Rock flowers

 See the climbers?

 Tom takes picture of Jamie and Catherine exploring cave.

 Carolyn takes picture of Tom taking picture of Jamie and Catherine exploring cave.


Keys View

It was the first time we had been up here when it was warm and calm rather than cold and windy. 


Lunch at Hat Rock picnic area with walk on the nature trail 

 Moth nest full of wiggling worms.


Descending to the south entrance . . .

 Blooming yucca

At the Jumping Cholla Garden

Stay on your own side of the fence!

 View down to the Pinto Basin


Just after passing through the Cottonwood Entrance station we were surprised to come across the best display of wild flowers we have seen all season.

There is a profusion of flowers of all types in the meadow on the east side of the road and in the wash on the west.



Above were all pictures from the meadow. Below: from the wash.

Detail of blossoms:

Below: the tiniest of flowers. If you don't stop and look close you will miss them.  Each plant is followed by a closeup of its blossoms.