Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nevada City and Opal Report

As the great gray dank dampness sets upon us, I think that I'll get around to posting about last month in California when it was sunny and warm.  In fact it was very warm: around 90 ° F.

As some of you know, Huxley needed to make a trip last month to visit ICSB in Grass Valley. Yes, he did enjoy it as a matter of fact.  Nine vials worth.  Huxley is now in love with Bridgett.  We decided to make a mini-vacation of it and take the rest of the pack along.  You've already seen some of the pictures from our return trip up the coast.

And next to Grass Valley is . . . Nevada City.  Now the only thing that I really knew about Nevada City was that 1) that was where Utah Phillips lived and 2) that is where Ruth Mary and Opal live!  You know that section of the application where I make sure that you are always ok for a visit?  Sometimes we do.  I e-mailed Ruth Mary and we had it all set up to meet after Huxley's appointment.
So . . . along with the collection the requirements for exportation require a vet check and blood draw for a brucellosis test.  Conveniently located just across the street is the Brunswick Veterinary Clinic.  Huxley, Bridgett, and I walked over and were visiting with the help in front while we waited for the doctor to be free.
Receptionist: "Oh, we have a black & white puppy one of those who comes in here.  She's a real live wire!"

Me: "Uh, is she about 4 months old?"

Receptionist: "Yes, and she's just a kick.  Always so enthusiastic."

Me: "Uh, and would her name be Opal?"

Yes, we had by chance landed at the same vet that Ruth Mary uses.

When Huxley was done, we checked into the nearby Best Western for the night.  Ruth Mary was just getting done at school, then picked up Opal and headed over.  We decided to load up the dogs and take a family walk along the Gracie Ditch Trail.

Sisters Kady and Opal

It was a really long walk and it was impossible to get the dogs to cooperate for a nice family photo.

All 5 dogs.  Sort of.


View down to Nevada City from our turn-around point.

After the walk, we cleaned up and met Ruth Mary at her house to car pool into Nevada City for dinner. We had a great meal at Sopa Thai.  As far as I am concerned, you can never go wrong with coconut and hot peppers.

We really liked Nevada City and could spend more time there.  Thank you for your hospitality!

Have I mentioned how much the dogs love "motel camping"?

 "Don't make us get up."

This week received an update on from Ruth Mary:
Opal walked quietly into her first intermediate class last Sunday! No barking. Previously she had always had to announce her arrival. Sandy took her right away and put her through her paces and pronounced her very good. Later I figured out that meant Opal had been chosen as demo dog for the class. I was totally clutched as I see my girl as a bit of an imp and did not know what she would do. She was letter perfect. She doesn't do that for me at home ! 
In his youth my father came close to becoming a professional jockey. He used to say that horses understood they were racing to win. Does Opal understand that when she is in class it is time to perform ? I think so ! What do you think? Do they do this ?
The other amusing thing is that since Sunday's class she has been much happier to get to work with me. Her down is hilarious because it is so fast. That girl hits the floor with total abandon. Come has always been good and now we are working on distance. I can't brag about stay, but she is perfect in class. 
In my bedroom I have a piece of RMax covered with flannel as a design wall for quilting. Opal has taken to tearing the foil off the foam. This morning I sprinkled cayenne in her favorite spots. I'm pretty sure she got a mouthful as she sat and snorted and licked her face over and over. But that didn't stop her for going back for more ! She is persistent. 
I saw Opal clean the cats ears twice on Saturday evening. She pins the cat to the floor and goes at it. The cat lets it happen for a while, then has enough. Cheryl will try to get a picture tomorrow when I take my band to the San Francisco Symphony.
We do need a picture of that!