Thursday, November 30, 2017

Komments by KADY! Issue #20

Hi, Hi, it's your friend KADY! again back to tell you about the rest of our summer and fall.

First we went to Newport and we got a good spot where I could watch people come and go from the marina parking lot all day. Sometimes there were other dogs walking there that I could bark at.

A couple of times the Munchkin came and visited us just for a little while but not to stay and camp with us.

One night there were lots of fireworks and they were LOUD but me and Dodah don't care. Huxley used to be really scared and hide and trimble. Boys are wimps.

Mostly we just hung out while Mom worked on her computer.

Then we went to Southern Oregon where it was really hot and we mostly just stayed in the house with the air conditioning on. Mom wasn't there for almost two weeks!

Then we went to Barton Park where we like to go in the summer time. There is good dog-walking there.

Sometimes the funnest thing we do is to watch other who aren't used to backing in.  This trailer had a really cool paint job.

Then we went to another RV park and then we went to Umatilla and Mom and Mandy and Catherine and Jamie and Nora and some of the other dogs went to a dog show. Me and Dodah don't go to dog shows any more.

Then we went to Maryhill park on the Columbia River and Dodah got to play in the river. One time I even went in a little.  While we were there we also went to Aunt Louise's house to play.

Dodah looked and looked for her old friend Spencer who always wanted to have puppies with her.  We were sad when we heard that he hurt his back and was gone.

But there are puppies there now.

 There is a girl puppy who is brindle and a boy puppy who is sable.

We played and played and played with them, especially the boy puppy.

Even Dodah got tired out.

I took a nap with the boy puppy. I would like a boy puppy of our own. Dad says that two dogs are enough.

While we were at Maryhill there were some other Cardigans there! They live in Hermiston when they aren't camping and they were born at the house of our friend Léo. 

We like it when we get to meet other Cardigans.

Then we left Maryhill and went to Woodland and Mom went away again for the weekend. Again. Sigh.

We sit and we watch boats go by and there is more room in the bed for me when Mom isn't here.

Then it was getting cold and it was time for us to start flying south.

We stopped for an oil change and service on the house and the Munchkin came by to say goodbye to us for the winter.

That night we stayed one night at Armitage park in Eugene.

Then we moved back to Valley of the Rogue Park near our old house. When we were there in August it was hot but now it wasn't.

Fall colors . . .

We waited there for a couple of weeks while Mom and Dad sold our old house because we weren't going to go back there anymore.

Then we went and stayed at the place by the expo again and it was snowing in the mountains and very windy so we had to wait a couple of days before we could go south.

Then we were in California and it was warmer and not snowing or raining and we were happy. We stayed one night at the RV park at the Rolling Hills Casino which is one of our regular travel places.

Then we went to the place with the edible balls that come from trees but they weren't ripe yet.

And now we are at our winter home in the desert. 

See you all again soon, I hope!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Just some pictures for memories. They make me feel a little nostalgic and give me a touch of "what have we done?" but the truth is that it was time to move on.