Saturday, November 17, 2007

Storm Chasers

We tried to go to the South Jetty, but our travel plans were somewhat compromised. I believe the reports of 85 mph winds. The Hammond/Warrenton area had downed trees and power lines everywhere. Most of the pictures are on Kathy's camera so I'll see if I can get them later. I was driving white-knuckled while she documented the drive. The high point - or was that low point - came while we were crossing the Youngs Bay Bridge between Warrenton and Astoria. We thought it would be a good idea to get pictures of the breakers on the bay. Kathy rolled down the car window to get a better shot. I saw it coming and tried to say "Be Careful!" but somehow all that came out was "CUH!" before a wave came up over the bridge, into the car window, and right into Kathy's face. She (and camera and car) were drenched. After crossing the big bridge at Astoria, 101 follows the north bank of the Columbia for a few miles. The waves were crashing over the road, but we were smart enough to keep the windows rolled up that time. The rest of the drive to Seattle was equally wind-blown. But can you believe it? The weather cleared up and we got not a drop of rain at the game.
View of city from Qwest Field.
The game was fun, especially as the final score was Seahawks 24, 49ers zip. The "fan watching" is even more fun than the game, IMO.