Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend project

Earring/jewelry holder and display. Done with knobby,uneven, natural handspun yarn which I inherited. #8 needles: pattern k1*yo,s1,k1,psso,k1,k1* pearl between pattern rows  
And for extra fun I worked on creating a new knitting addict. Catherine went home with a set of circular needles, a how-to book, and a skein of pretty peacock-blue/green yarn. I introduced her to Webster's in Ashland. Sorry, Jamie. I wasn't quite sure about showing a lefty the beginning moves, but she was picking it up quite quickly. I think that my new daughter-in-law is like me and doesn't adapt well to "down time". Knitting is a great way to feel productive even when you're "not doing anything".