Saturday, May 30, 2009

Did I mention the joys of country living?

Well-guy and son-of-well-guy (who is about our age) went to find someone who would open up and sell them a new pump on a Saturday. I took the opportunity to snap some blog pictures.

Well-guy truck

Old pump (which lasted 23 years), wiring, and 300' deep hole-in-the-ground.

 251' of pipe, some 1" and some 3/4" which will be replaced.

 And the lovely clay-colored water currently coming out of the well.  I am presuming that it will settle back out.  We told son-of-well-guy that we didn't drink it.  He attested that he wouldn't even wash in it.
I've been thinking recently (for the last couple of years) that there is more work than I really want to have to do around here.  Tom says it's because I'm trying to have "town landscaping" in the country instead of just having mowed dry pasture like the neighbors.  But I like landscaping.  I just don't necessarily like doing the work.

 The old-fashioned rose bush is just gearing up for the summer.

 This season's baby pears

and baby apples.
Of course if we had decent water that didn't kill many or most plants, I might enjoy gardening more.