Friday, February 11, 2011

Back to Joshua Tree

Tom and I visited Joshua Tree National Park two years ago, but Mom and Dad had still never been. We loaded up the car this morning and made a trek up the hill.
It was a beautiful clear day, with red rocks and green of the trees contrasting sharply with the bluest of skies.

Joshua tree is noted for its Big Rocks and is a mecca for rock climbers.

Mom at one of the accessible rocks.

This novice climber was receiving instruction on a beginner rock.

Note the two figures on top of the rock.

This time we took the time to drive up to Keys View.

Tom and my mom photographing the view below.

View down toward Palm Springs and the pass.

View to the southwest including the Salton Sea.

The viewpoint was over a mile high, while the Salton Sea is below sea level.