Friday, November 25, 2011

Two Springs

This week I have practiced being a snowbird. I have decided that I need lots more practice. Wednesday I did our laundry; after hefting the bags back down the street I told Tom that I would rest a bit before putting it away. His answer? "There's no hurry." I've been hurrying for 59 years. How's that going to work out for me?

I think that once I retire maybe I'll spend the first year sleeping.

Yesterday before Thanksgiving with 140 (or so) of Mom's closest friends, park friends got together to present her with a lovely fountain in memory of my dad.

Another bright and sunny morning here in North Palm Springs.

The dogs have enjoyed their regular walks.

Kady: "Look, over there!  Another bunny!"   The park is full of bunnies and roadrunners. 

Farewell but not Good-bye.