Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old Girls Rock!

For my Fifty-tenth birthday last night (or as Jamie said my second 30th birthday), Tom got us tickets to see the rock group Heart at the Britt.  It was a sold-out performance and we weren't able to get reserved bench seats, but did manage decent blanket seats due to being members.

I'm afraid that Tom isn't quite as big a fan as I am (and also doesn't so much enjoy sitting on the ground) but he was a good sport.  And we had fun watching the two couples on the blanket in front of us.  One guy was 50-ish with a date about 20 years younger.  The other was . . . mmm . . . late 40's with a "does-your-mother-know-you're-out-with-him?" aged date.   He spent the night showing off to her, including consuming a six-pack of Corona then starting on beers from the concession.

 I approve of your t-shirt, Nancy.

For the record, Ann was born in 1950 and Nancy in 1954.  

Rock on.