Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Trails with Dora - The Oregon Trail

It's been a busy month of traveling and visiting with family. Now it is time to catch everybody up with where we've been.

We came back to Oregon, even following part of the Oregon Trail. These pictures were taken outside of Prairie City: the top one is a giant wagon landmark and the bottom one is a view of the beautiful Strawberry Mountain Wilderness. This was the first time us dogs had ever been here as the last time Mom and Dad were here was before any of us was born.

We camped at Clyde Holliday State Park which Kady has already told you about. But it's my job to take Mom out exploring our surroundings. There is a very nice trail along the river.


The trail upstream is paved and goes through a lovely day-use area of green, well irrigated grass. There are two teepees there that families can rent to stay in.

And at the end of the path where an old bridge originally stood is a lovely swimming hole. Most of the time is was full of teenage humans but I did get some wading in.

There were interesting things to see right in the campground loops as well. Above you see a tree swallow and her nest.

Our campsite was surrounded by bushes of white wild roses. 

There are many signs which point out other interesting plants. It is so different here than the nature walks we took in Arizona!

The mock orange blossoms smelled very sweet.

Many plants were not blooming when we were there in mid June.

Back on the trail along the river, we head downstream and come across fields of beautiful wildflowers.

Red poppies and blue cornflowers abound.

The river is quieter here with good places for dogs to swim and wade.

I talked my sister Kady into coming in with me, but I don't think she liked it very much.

But as always we had to leave this beautiful spot and head farther west. We needed to go back to our old home for a week.

Central Oregon scenery on the way.

Then back to mountains and trees. 

On the road we saw this really cool antique motor home!

It didn't have much of a dashboard for dogs to lay on.

And then the familiar sights of Diamond Lake and Mount Bailey.

Until next time, Happy Trails!