Friday, December 2, 2016

Komments by Kady! Issue #17

Hi everybody! Did you think that I was gone Forever? Well, I almost thought so too but I'm Still Here!  What happened to me as far as posting was that Mom got herself elected to a club position back in June where she had to spend almost all of her time on the computer . . . oh wait, she already did that. Anyway she had to work on the website for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America and it wasn't just about me and Dodah and that dumb boy-dog Huxley but it was about lots of us. And she used up all of the Verizon Data!!  And then we added another 10 gigs of TMobile data and she used that too! But now we are in the desert for the winter (if you can call this winter!) and we have cable so she will let me post now.

When I last had access to the computer it was back in June and we were at the park in Woodburn where we used to go sometimes. We got to see Jamie and Catherine and the baby Nora who every time you say her name Dodah says "what?"

Nora likes dogs a lot. Wow, looking back on these pictures look how little she was. She is lots and lots bigger than that already now.

We still had a couch in these pictures but while we were there Jamie and Dad took it out in little pieces and they moved our crates onto the platform there and they turned the place where our crates are into a pantry because those piggy people need lots of food. I will show you pictures of that later.

While we were there Huxley started biting hisself so he had to wear a bagel of shame.  And then when mom was gone he ate the blow-up stem so then Dad had to buy him a new one.

So I talked about Woodburn where we used to stay because we don't stay there anymore. There has always been a good dog-walking area out front and sometimes there were loose border collies there playing frisbee and that wasn't so good but border collies are smart so we could mostly just wait until they were done before walking there. But this time there was a miniature schnauzer that was not on leash that lived there as a permanent resident and it charged us and me and Dodah and Huxley got all upset and the lady who owned it said that we were not socialized but it is a terror-her and it was not socialized. I know that because our friend Rusty came to visit a couple of days with his people. You might not know Rusty but he is a chocolate-colored lab and he is like the mildest-mannered dog ever. He never says bad words to anybody!  And the schnauzer that is really a terror-her charged Rusty and believe me Rusty's dad didn't like that too much!  And he pushed the dog away from Rusty and then the lady - oh wait Dad said she wasn't a "lady" - but anyway she got mad and went after Rusty's dad and now we call her "Angry Bird Lady". And Woodburn police people came and told her that there is a leash law so she has to use one.  Then Rusty and his mom and dad were leaving anyway to go home so they did and then Jamie and Catherine and Nora all came for dinner.  But we could see through the door and windows that Angry Bird Lady was gathering up a bunch of the other permanent resident friends and they made a posse and they came and yelled at us and then they went across the street and let all of their dogs off-leash to make some kind of point even though it is against the rules of the park and of Woodburn.

Mom says that they are just angry people because they have to live all of the time in old trailers next to the outlet mall in Woodburn but we have RV's that can move. So we did.

And Mom and Dad say that we aren't going to stay there anymore now that there are so many people who live there all of the time and let their baddogs run loose.

We went to another place where we have been before and that we really like because it has good views out of the windows and it is cool and it has lots of places for us dogs to walk. And that is at the marina in Newport Oregon.

We stayed there for the fourth of July and the fireworks and Huxley wasn't scared this time because he doesn't hear so good anymore.

While we were there Mom and Dad took me and Dodah to Lost Creek State Recreation Area  which is a different Lost Creek than we used to live by. This one has miles and miles and miles of beach so you can go where there is no people and no other dogs and if you walked far enough you could get all of the way back to the marina where our house is but we don't walk that far because it's like five or six miles to walk.

I'm smart and walk on the beach and stay dry but Dodah runs into the water and then shakes herself to get the water off of her.

We played and we played and we ran. It was so good.

After the fireworks we all went up to Grayland Beach in Washington  and that was Jamie and Catherine and Nora and Hiro and Delta and my favorite grandma Feebee and even Rusty and his people.

Rusty and his people and their own campsite but the rest of us all crowded together this time.

A couple of times Dodah and Mom went to the beach really early in the morning without any of the rest of us.

And the first time it was at a really low tide and the beach was really big and wet and the ocean was very far away. Mom said that she wasn't scared that there was going to be a tsunami because they would let us know if there was with a big siren.

Dodah told me how she went swimming with the crabs but they didn't pinch her or anything.

Silly sister who likes the water so much.

Rusty and his people had to leave after a couple of days but the rest of the family stayed and we all went to the beach and played.

Jamie and Catherine had a fancy kite to get up in the air and it was pretty interesting to watch them try.

We spent a lot of time just sitting in the sun enjoying things and there was a post to hold our leashes.

And there was a beach tent and there was baby Nora in her shades.

This is our sister Delta. She was Pregnant! And she told us all about it and how she is special now.

And me and Dodah and more times at the beach when we could just play and play and play.

And there was lots of birds to chase too.

It is a really good beach with lots of wind for kites and the last weekend we were there was a big festival.

Then we went back to Oregon and we stayed at Barton Park  which is a county park in Clackamas County where we really like it almost as good as the beach.

There are ponds but we didn't find an mosquitoes or they didn't find us and there are birds and a good walking trail for us dogs. 

And one day we got in our crates in the jeep and we took a ride to see our good friend Spencer. Well, ok: Dodah's good friend. And I don't know why we don't have any pictures except pictures of Mount Hood on our way back to Barton. It is a very nice drive between Barton and The Dalles where Spencer lives.

The only problem with Barton is that we can only stay there 10 days maximum at a time and only two 10-day stays in the whole season. Otherwise we could be happy there longer. So then we moved just up the river to McIver State Park.

We had lots of BIG TREES in our campsite but no TV for Mom and Dad.

It was a good place to lay outside and look at birds.

We used to have Oregon Juncos like this at our old house in the winter time.

This is the Clackamas River at the park.

While we were there I started to get a sore back again. And Mom took me to Eagle Fern Veterinary Hospital  in Estacada near the campground and they were very nice there and gave me some metacam. We will use them again when we are living near there and need a dog doctor.

Then we had to go to Southern Oregon so that Mom and Dad could see their doctor and right after we got there I don't know what happened but my back started HURTING REALLY BAD!  

Let me tell you all about it.

I woke up very early in the morning of August 5th which I remember because it was Mandy's Birthday and I SCREAMED because I hurt so bad. I got taken right away to Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center which is across the street from where Mom used to work at her old day job and her old friend Kay works. Mom and Dad thought I might have to have an operation but they said they would keep me and give me drugs and see what happened.

So I stayed there all weekend and they gave me good drugs and Mom and Dad visited me in the hospital and gave me some food by hand so I would eat. It was pretty yucky food. Mom said that I needed to lose a little weight anyway as if she should talk.

And I didn't have to get an operation but then when I went home I had to stay on crate rest and not play with Dodah which made her very sad.  And Mom had to carry me up and down the steps to the RV and I couldn't jump or play.

It was pretty in August at Valley of the Rogue State Park and the berries were ripe but it was hot and I couldn't enjoy it even when Jamie and Catherine and Nora and Hiro and Delta and my favorite Grandma Feebee came because I was still on crate-rest.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks we left and we went to spend a little bit of time visiting Rusty and his people at Olde Stone Village in McMinville.  It was nice but there were only a few stones and they weren't very old.

There was a little rain and a rainbow and some pretty sunsets there.

While we were staying there Mom and Huxley went up to Portland to go to the Corgi Walk in the Pearl but they didn't actually walk. They mostly just talked to people about Cardigans and met lots of our relatives.

Huxley is a Grandfather! Here is one of his grandbabies.

And this boy is Dodah's half brother but not mine because his dad is Pilot.

Lots of dogs and people were dressed up and I hear it was a lot of fun.

While we were there I also got taken to the VCA Animal Hospital in Clackamas and met Dr Prouty. I was still hurting then but not so bad but I was so scared that I was going to get left there again that I was shaking and shaking but I didn't get left. And I kept getting better so I didn't have to go back again.

Then Mom went away for a few days and tried to help our sister Delta have her babies.

It was really hard. Delta had five babies inside her but had trouble having the babies. Mom still can't talk about it much to tell me what happened but she ended up with just two babies and they called them Needles and Pins and I will show you more about them next time. When she was having trouble they took her to the same VCA that I went to in Clackamas but you should only go there for your back and not to have babies because they don't do the right things and the babies die.

The whiter one is the girl Needles and Mom pulled her out of Delta before they went to the hospital.

Then we went back to Barton Park and now it was September and all of the summer people had gone home.

Mom spent the time doing a bunch of work on the computer which was boring for us dogs. But we did still get to go on some walks.

It was quiet and peaceful because during the week we were almost the only ones there.

Dodah found this big slug on her walk.


And while we were there Huxley had a birthday and now he is TWELVE! and Mom had another birthday too but she's had LOTS!

There was a sad day that same week because my favorite grandma Feebee died. I was so glad that we got to see her at the beach one last time in July and in Southern Oregon in August.

There was some noise from machinery in the campground during the week because they are doing a bunch of stuff to make the river back to what it is supposed to be.

A blue heron visited the ponds at Barton.

Mom had to fly places because of her new job that she doesn't get paid for. She went to Louisville in June and us dogs and Dad stayed at a park in Woodland Washington and I think that I forgot to tell you about that before. But then we stayed there again when Mom and to fly to Denver in September but we stayed longer so mom got time there too.

This is Columbia Riverfront RV Park and it has three acres of grass to walk on and you can watch boats on the river. It is a really good place to stay but is a little bit expensive. They are very firm on their rules so there is no mean off-leash dogs.

And while we were there Huxley met up with Aunt Joan and with Huxley's daughter Rogue! And Rogue is the mom to Tristan who is the dad to Needles and Pins. This just all gets so confusing!

I can kinda see a family resemblance.

Huxley said "Another Bitch. They are all the same!"

Mom and Aunt Joan took turns making pictures of each other with the dogs and the river.

But pretty soon September was over and we had to move up the Columbia River to get ready for the big Cardigan Show that we have every year in Tri-Cities. You know, we only ever go to one city there but whatever.

So we stayed at the Umatilla Marina again where we like it.

And Dad was smart and made reservations early so we had like the Best Spot for our house.

In a few days I promise to write again and tell you all about October because we had a dog show and then went back to Southern Oregon for the Whole Month!