Monday, July 31, 2017

Happy Trails with Dora - Newport South Beach

When you stay at the Newport Marina there are really good places for Mom to walk dogs. We didn't go to the beach this time so that was a little sad but we had just been to Grayland.

You can walk under the bridge and down the street along the river and watch big boats come and go under the bridge. Sometimes you think that they aren't going to fit but they do.

 There are some bridal trails through the sand dunes that are good for walking too but sometimes the sand gets really hot on dog feet.

Make sure that your mom takes water if she wants to take you there.

There are places with lots of seagulls. You can't catch them.

And there is a really nice place on the river that you can get to from the road to cool your feet off after the sand dune walk.

Mom says that these signs are very optimistic. We timed the distance between and it took us more than four minutes.

After the walks it takes lots of resting in my chair.