Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Joshua Tree National Park

Just up the road from North Palm Springs lies a national park we hadn't been to before.  Joshua trees may be extinct due to climate change within the next century, so we decided that we needed to see them now.  What we found was not just the strange desert trees, but fantastic vistas and fascinating rocks.

Catherine?  More "bouldering" in your future?

See our cute little Element sitting by a rock?

 A rock-climbers Mecca.  Look closely at the little dot at the top right of the rock below:

  And look into the little round hole toward the bottom of the middle rock.

The climbing faces on the rock below have names:

I took a picture of the sign with the names:

Mom and Dad: pack some water, pack a picnic lunch, and go for a drive.  Take the west entrance at the town of Joshua Tree and then come out at Twenty-Nine Palms.  No walking is required in order to see some beautiful scenery.  It's well worth the day-trip.