Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Stroll in Eugene

Last Friday in Eugene was one of those perfect end-of-summer/early-fall days. We had an 8 a.m. ring time which left us ample time to relax and restore. After some nap and/or computer time (that would be me), Louise, Kim, and I took the dogs for a walk up the path along the millrace. 

 Louise knew this spot existed: an urban garden run by UO students.  I find myself increasingly envious of those with the time and especially the water to be able to have such opulent, luxurious garden spots.    Our water at home has levels of boron which are toxic to many plants except, alas, Himalayan blackberries.  We are limited by quantity as well as quality.

 An entire area devoted to peppers.

 Sunflower with bee.

I could live in Eugene, or any place from Eugene north to the Washington border.  I do still reserve the right to be a desert snowbird in the dark and cold winter months.

For the foodies among the readers: I was able to introduce Louise and Kim to a couple of places they hadn't been to before.  On my recommended list are the Glenwood Cafe on Willamette and Taco Loco on 7th.  We also ate at the campus Glenwood: the food was great but the menu is smaller, and at Mazzi's - long a Eugene fixture.   And we ate not once, but twice at Mekala's, the Thai restaurant conveniently located next to the motel.  How can you beat a Thai place which also boasts a list of single-malt scotches.? And at which I had what was absolutely the best desert to date: the Coconut Island.  A scoop of homemade coconut icecream on a bed of steaming hot sweet sticky rice.

Then again, maybe it's better for the diet that we don't live in Eugene.