Sunday, September 20, 2009

Changes . . .

A change of seasons . . .
Though the leaves are falling mostly from drought this time of year.

 We haven't yet had our first frost, though some mornings have been down in the 40's.

  Yesterday's project: two tuns of pellets bought and stacked in the garage. Yes, that would be 100 forty lb bags. One ton for each of us. Yes, my arms and back are still sore.

Today's project was another change. My 2+ year old laptop decided that it no longer wanted to be able to get on to the wireless network. Its wired port had failed sometime back. It is under warranty, but was going back to Dell on a lease return in just a couple of months anyway. Let's just say that the buyout on the lease made it not a good deal.

Left: old laptop. Right: new netbook. Not shown: new fancy desktop in "my room" (which doubles as guest bedroom). The netbook will be the take-with e-mail and web machine. The desktop will be for the fancy editing.

The netbook has a built-in webcam and microphone. It can take a picture of me and Alice working at the computer.