Monday, November 30, 2009

Napa Valley Autumn

While six hours to the north winter is setting in, the Napa Valley is enjoying its mild autumn. Friday morning we drove down 101 to Geyserville, then through the Alexander Valley and over the hill to Calistoga.  Then we followed the Silverado Trail south to Napa. Tom had the Serius/XM tuned to Classic Vinyl. I was feeling so nostalgic for the area - and the weather - that I was ready to move back.
  City park in Calistoga.

Not that we could afford to move back . . .

View down to the valley from the hospital.

I hasten to add that I seldom get nostalgic or homesick for Lake County itself.  I swear: every time we're there things look smaller and tackier.  But then Tom reminds me: we're passing through Clear Lake Oaks, Glenhaven, Lucerne, Nice: which have always been shoddy. (And who the heck was it who thought it resembled Switzerland anyway?)
But all in all it was probably a good place to grow up.  Although perhaps it was more the time than the place per se.