Sunday, November 29, 2009

Party at "The Ranch"

A huge thanks to Alden for hosting our little get-together on Friday. We had so much fun being with "the family".

I had been out to the ranch before, though it must have been close to a dozen years ago. I remember that it was the first time Juneau had ever seen a bulldog and he "screamed like a girl."  The house is lovely, dog-friendly, filled with horse antiques, and has a breathtaking view all the way to the bay.

The dogs had a great time.  I didn't get too many clear pictures unfortunately, as they were in constant motion.  Though the glass of wine in my other hand probably didn't help.

The humans had a great time too.  We might have stayed out on the deck longer, but a brief thunderstorm drove us in for turkey sandwiches and pie.


Duncan looks so much like his mother as he ages.  Yes, he is still "Chunky Dunky" but Alden is working on it.  And he says that he doesn't have to do the table thing anymore.  He's retired.

Some of the attendees included Captain, Malibu, Fig, Elbe, Sage, Denali, Watson, and Pilot.  Alice was in attendance the entire time but had partied so hard that she asked to get back in her crate in the Element right before the group photo at the end.  In all, I believe that we had eleven Cardigans, one Pembroke, and one poodle in attendance.  There was also a German Shepherd but he didn't seem to want to join in the festivities.  One of the high points was when Alden's parents retired to bed and Pie ran behind and jumped up to join them, soon aided by several of his nephews.

As evening fell, the rain cleared.  This view from the deck is of the bay with Mt Tamalpais in the distance.  If you enlarge the picture, you can see the towers of the Golden Gate bridge on the left.