Friday, February 21, 2014

Chihuly in the Garden

The current exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is glasswork by artist Dale Chihuly.  How, do you ask, do we wind up there without either of our cameras?  Apparently we both need keepers.  It turned out that this was a great time to test out the camera in my new Moto X.  I wasn't the only one taking phone or tablet pictures so I didn't feel too foolish.

 Twin glass columns at entrance.

Some pieces I've uploaded one picture to show it in context . .

 . . . and a second for more detail

 I loved the lavenders and purples in this piece, and the giant "marbles".

 My favorites, bringing back elementary school-yard memories.

Not glass, but a wonderful statue: "St Earth Walking"

 A fascinating climbing vine of a cactus.

 This massive piece as seen from on a hill above.

 One had to look carefully to realize that these pieces were not ridged but smooth.

 Belugas in the desert. 


Yellow reeds.

I had a picture of one of these gigantic plants last week in Tucson.  The sign reminded me of its name: a Boojum tree.

These glass "balloons" were suspended from the canopy and swirled quietly in the gentle breeze.

I think that the phone didn't do too badly, considering.