Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Coming Attractions

Six weeks in a 26' class C with two people and four dogs has turned out to be a little crowded.

And after all, we are actually working in it: the Applied Solutions Inc mobile office.

Dueling laptops, and this is without the printer even being set up.

So in order to preserve domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare . . .


It's in the shop at La Mesa RV getting ready for us to take it home  to be our new rolling home.

Look at all this room (note the careful edit of washer/dryer room to dog crate room):

But at only 34' (plus a few inches) she's still short enough for most state and national parks.

A view of the cockpit.   

 Complete with a swing-out computer desk so that I one of us can work even while Tom the other one is driving.

A quick shot of the interior before the addition of personal clutter.

I'll miss this little Winnebago: for up to three weeks at a time of travel it's been great. But I am anxiously awaiting the additional room we will soon have.  A couch for the dogs to snuggle up with us.  A full-sized refrigerator.  An outside TV.  Wait, what do we need an outside TV for anyway?

See stock photos at Palazzorv.com.