Saturday, July 5, 2014

All the comforts of home

Because now it is home.  In the last few weeks we've done some changes and decorating to make the RV more cluttered homey.

Some art work has been added, including, of course, refrigerator magnets.  To allow better ventilation the glass on the equipment cabinet was replaced with pet screen found at JoAnn Fabrics: the same material that is used to make fabric crates.  One of the best thoughts we had was to use the cube footstools that we had in the living room of the stick house.  They double as stepstools, extra seating, and additional kitchen storage, including the wok and mixing bowls.

And tah-dah! With additional spice racks we have enough room for all of our Penzeys.  These things are important.

Precious things that could not be left behind such as my Jawoowoo marionette.  The window treatments double as a spot for earings, pins, and other jewelry.

Mary Chris Moose and Seaman are in residence.

The wall of infamy over the other bedroom window.  We finally have a spot to display the pins Tom has collected from our Louis and Clark odyssey, Cycle Oregon, etc.

I even have a much abbreviated ribbon wall.

The former owners took the washer and dryer with them, but I'm just as glad for extra room for dog crates and more storage.

Alice and Dora demonstrate the end-table/crate.  The second large crate doubles as a step for the bed.

We have had an issue with how long it has taken to get the RV registration processed by the Oregon DMV.  It took two months to receive the paperwork from the dealer, then we had to send it to the lender who had to forward it to the DMV.  It was received in their mailroom on 05/29/14 and is still "in process".  Thursday at 4 p.m. Tom was able to pick up a special 45-day temporary Oregon permit (normally you can only get 10 days per year!), so at least we are legal to move the coach in the U.S.  Unfortunately it looks like our Canada trip will have to be postponed this year.

But it's all ok.  We just have to learn to relax and "go with the flow".  Tomorrow we leave currently Hot Southern Oregon and head to the Central Oregon Coast for the week.