Saturday, September 6, 2014

Komments by KADY! Issue #3

Hi friends, this has been the Best Times Ever!

We have been camping!  And have been almost like Wild Free Dogs sometimes except when mom puts us in the pen. 

Me and Dodah took mom on lots of long walks which is good for her.

And there was bridges and everything and we could smell lots of varmints and we could see elk tracks in the path and there was a beaver dam even.

And I told Dodah "look, we can come under here and hide and mom can't even see us.

But Dodah said "Yes she can."

By the way the grass that you see there was really tastey.  And blackberries are really tastey too and there are ones that dogs can reach.

And my uncle Spencer came to visit us and he is Huxley's half brother and my "biological dad's" half brother but Huxley and him don't get to play.  And he brought Huxley's half-sister Styx who is an old bitch like the greedy grandma Alice with him.  I think that all of those old girls must be greedy.

And me and Dodah and Styx and Spencer got off leash and did some exploring by the river.

Dodah and Styx swim but I try to not get too wet.

Then mom and Aunt Louise took me and Spencer to Grayland Beach but not Dodah or dad or anybody else and I could see why it was called Grayland.

There was a whole bunch of people with really big kites at the beach.

Mom took lots of pictures because I'm so pretty at the beach.  Right?

There's my aunt Louise and my uncle Spencer.

There was many good smells to sniff.

And birds but I have learned they are too fast to catch.

"Are you coming, mom?"

But then another day mom and dad and Aunt Louise left us home and just took Huxley to the beach!

They went to Ocean Shores and drove the jeep on the beach.

Huxley was very happy.

And there were these really cool jellyfish on the beach that Huxley got to see and sniff but mom didn't let him eat them.

And now we are at a new RV park that has its own beach and everything!  Though there is only enough beach to run on sometimes which is kinda funny.  Dogs have to be on leash in the park but are ok to be free on the beach.

Two good parks for dogs:

And I'm the Happiest Girl in the whole USA.