Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Yellowstone: Old More-or-less Faithful and More

Between Yellowstone Lake and the Upper, Middle, and Lower Geyser Basins you cross the continental divide twice: once going from East to West then again from West back to East (shown).

From left to right: Terry, Tom's sister Leslie, myself, and Tom.

We visited Old Faithfull twice, which was once more than enough except for the weather. While our first visit was cloudy and drizzly the second visit was sunny so provided a better show.  On the first set, Tom managed to not show the mobs of other tourists seated, standing, and milling around the area. 


There she . . .


The second set gives a better idea of what it is really like. A great opportunity if you like people-watching. Old Faithful is not quite as regular as advertised, being plus or minus 10 minutes. Get there a half-hour early if you want to find a seat, then wait.

Overlooking the Firehole River

Biscuit Basin

So named for unusual biscuit-like formations.

Black Opal Spring

Sapphire Pool

Jewel Geyser

Kepler Cascades on the Firehole River


Black Sand Basin

Several pictures of the Cliffside Geyser which on our second visit put on quite a show. When it is done all of the water is sucked back down and it may be days before it has another large erruption.

Elk browsing nearby

Panorama shots

Another shot of the Cliffside Geyser.

Panorama shot