Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Buffalo Bill Center of the West - Western Art Collection

The most amazing collection ever of Remington,s Russells, Wyeths, and more. We spent most of the day in this wing and could have spent longer.

Big Beaver, Model for On the War Trail- Proctor, Alexander Phimister- plaster- Indian- arrow quiver 1918-1922

Recreation of Sculpture Studio



Recreation of Remington's Studio


The famous "End of the Trail"

Bringing Home the Spoils- Russell, Charles M.- oil on canvas,1909 

 Cowboys from the Bar Triangle- Russell, Charles M.- watercolor on paper- 1904

Startling: this unbelievable painting was as big as an entire wall. 

 Indian Warrior- Proctor, Alexander Phimister- Gorham Co. Founders, 1898



 Custer's Last Stand- Paxson, Edgar Samuel- oil on canvas, 1899

A few details from the painting. All of the cavalry men were based on a single model.


Relics of the Past- The Buffalo Head- Cooper, A.D.M.

This type of still life painting is often called a trompe l'oeil (fool the eye). The artist sought to create the illusion that real photographs and artifacts were nailed to the wall. Buffalo Bill Cody owned this painting and had it hanging in the Irma Hotel for many years.

 Buffalo Hunt- Rumsey, Charles Cary- The bronze is derived from the original limestone created in 1909-1910 to place over the fireplace of the music room in the Harriman Mansion.



Display case of miniatures



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