Saturday, April 30, 2016

Big Bend Day Two

The River Road from Lajitas to Presidio, Texas



 The mayor liked to have his her? ears scratched.

I believe there may have been more than one Clay Henry.

Lajitas Trading Post

 Now a golf club (sigh) there is still a large room dedicated to history of the area, or at least of the cattle ranches.

The expressions obtained by the taxidermists were amazing.

The river at Lajitas is calm, shallow, and in past days was easy to ford.

The original town straddled the river, with people crossing freely for trade.

Contrabando Movie Set

La Casita was the original adobe building

Most of the set was washed away in a large flood in 2008.

Big Bend Ranch State Park

A family of deer crossing the road

Views from the summit

Picnic area on the river

It felt like the river was narrow enough to reach across and touch the other side.


We enjoyed a great lunch at El Patio in Presidio. I highly recommend it.

Return Trip to Lajitas

Ancient mudflow

At the Boat Ramp



Fragrant Blossoms