Friday, April 8, 2016

Komments by KADY! Issue #14

Well friends and fans finally! we went somewhere new. It was an ok winter but we spent most of it in the same place. I mean, it's a place that we like ok with lots of dogs and a dog yard and a big place for a pen to lay in the sun and everything but it was getting a little boring. We met a new friend there whose name is Rusty and he's a rusty-colored lab and he came to our house but stayed on the patio and we haven't got to play with him yet.

We were in California since November but now we came back to Arizona.

We were only going to stay at Usery Mountain Regional Park for three days and then go somewhere else but the flowers are pretty and it was a good place to have dogs and so we stayed all week.

We had this view out of our front window to start with but then we had some hot days and dad covered the window with the silver thing to keep out the sun.

Us dogs spent some time laying around enjoying the air conditioning.

We took this picture from across the road. You can see how it's not crowded at all on our patio which Mom says is good because there isn't much stuff for us dogs to bark at. Of course we don't bark so much now as we used to anyway.

Dad put up our bird feeder and there are lots of birds here. And there are also little squirrels that eat the birdseed off of the ground too. The bird feeder needs to be filled up every day and sometimes two times.

There are doves and quail and flickers and house finches and house sparrows and cactus wrens and who knows what else.

We have a really good campsite because right across the street there is a gated off street that goes to a big group area that has had nobody in it almost all of the time. One night last Saturday there were noisy boy scouts there but all of the other days it has been empty.

So all of this is just for dog-walking. Other peoples don't seem to be walking their dogs there though so they must not know about it.

When we were walking over there we could hear some baby birds calling their mommas and dads.

It was a bird condominium building.

The momma and daddy went into the cactus to feed the babies the bird seed they got at our house.

We leave tomorrow and I'm interested to see where we go next. I hope it is more new places that I can review for you.