Monday, March 13, 2017

Desert in Bloom - Anza-Borrego


A day trip for an introduction to the area. You really can't do it justice in a day but we provided an overview. We were apparently lucky that we went on Wednesday as the reports were that cars were backed up for miles come the weekend.

Above a wash on S22, the Borrego Salton Seaway

Fonts Point: an easy 4-mile dirt road in

We did not let Nora loose near the edge.

We drove through that landscape last year and the year before. 

From the park visitor center in Borrego Springs:



We took time to visit just a couple of the favorite sculptures.

Then we drove just a little way up Coyote Creek for the wildflowers.

 Creosote bush

We'd never seen Coyote Mountain so green. 

Tiny, tiny flowers

Ocotillo in bloom