Sunday, April 29, 2018

Happy Trails with Dora - The Big Show

Kady doesn't like dog shows very much even though she used to be a show dog too so she said that I should write and tell you about the big show.

It was a really big show that lasted a whole week and we lived at the dog show. The first day Mom and me went to the agility trials and there we did computer work to calculate the High In Trial scores. Here I am sitting in our control room.

Also at the agility trials there was a Barn Hunt seminar. Mom entered me as she always though that I would like it because I can catch gophers and I try to catch bunnies and squirrels and stuff. But they put the rat in a box and told us to sniff it and it was kind of scary and at the same time stoopid.

My daddy Pilot was there and he liked sniffing the rat in the tube.

Everything went really well until he peed on the straw. You're not supposed to pee on the straw here which is different than what we got told back when we lived at our old house. There it was ok to pee on the straw.

My sister Delta was there and she liked it too. She was really good at it.

 And there was lots of other dogs that liked it. Not me.

And there was agility like this:

I think that I would like to do that but Mom is kind of lazy and I'm not sure where I could go to school to learn it.

The next day there was Obedience and Rally.

This is my niece Lew. She is Delta's daughter and also she is Huxley's great-granddaughter as her daddy is Huxley's grandson. She is very smart and pretty.

And here is Kady's brother and my halfa-brother Rip:

Rip is very smart too. He was High In Trial at the first obedience trial!

 Rip reminds me of our grandma Alice with this expression on his face. I think he might have been looking at Mom who is his grandma.

Mom was holding her breath but Rip stayed even with all of these other dogs with him.

This is where we lived at the dog show and there is the roof of our house down there.

After the obedience and rally trials was a night time dog show.

Aunt Mandy showed my daddy Pilot and he was Best Brindle Dog and he worked really hard but finally didn't win Best Dog of everything that night. Auntie Denise got the picture with him because Mandy and daddy Pilot were both so tired.

Then there were many many more days of dog show.

 This is Huxley's son and my cousin Dag. His mom is Clem who is the sister of my daddy Pilot.

This is Kady's daddy Wally. He is very old now and was in the 11 plus Veterans Sweepstakes Class.

And this is my nephew Franklin who is Delta's baby and is the brother to Lew.

On the very last day Mom worked out a surprise for auntie Mandy and daddy Pilot and daddy Pilot's really good friend Dixie came to see him and do the last dog show with him. Daddy Pilot is almost 11 years old and he is retired kind of like my human mom and dad but he can still have puppies and they don't anymore.

Dixie made Pilot lay on the table and rest between his times in the ring.

Here is my daddy Pilot with Dixie and some other dogs waiting in the ring.

And do you know what happened then?


Mom has bought lots of pictures.

The show photographer was Nina Sage and she did a really good job.

Mom took home this beautiful quilt. She doesn't let us lay on it yet.

Then it was ALL OVER and everybody left.