Friday, April 20, 2018

Komments by KADY! Issue #21

I'm sorry that it has been so long, fans. Things were hectic in our lives for a few months but now they are not busy any more but are very very boring so I can post some more pictures and everything. It is too hot now to go outside.

I have things to tell you about even from last winter when we were desert dogs living at Two Springs! Our main thing that we do when we are at Two Springs is to watch out for the bunnies. There are so many bunnies where we live and there is an empty spot across the street from us where we lived last time and the bunnies are there all of the time.

Me and Dodah are gonna get that bunny some day!

When the bunnies are not there sometimes I take naps in the sun.

 In December Dodah had a birthday,  We got cake.

 In the mornings at Two Springs there is a Cactus Wren who sings beautiful songs to us from the tree in our yard. You can just see him at the top of the tree. Oh, did I tell you about our dog yard that Dad built for us?

 It has a place for Mom to sit and read while we poop and play or at least while Dodah plays.

I mostly hunt. I hunt mesquite pods and I hunt bunnies. Mom thought that there was a squirrel who lived under the shed in our dog yard but I knew she was wrong because I could smell what it was. It was a BUNNY!!

 Someday it will look out and we will GET IT!!!

 Here I am hunting delicious mesquite pods. Mom raked them all up inside our yard (the ones we didn't eat first) but there are still some outside that if I stretch my little arm real far I can drag in. This is obviously one disadvantage to being a corgi and having short legs. I could reach much farther if my legs were long

When I get annoyed I turn around and bark at Mom because she is the one who made it so that I can't reach them.

In April we had to leave Two springs and drive our house back to Oregon.

This is how we travel in our crates with the house made all skinny and everything. I don't know why I have to ride in my crate and it is discrimination against dogs!

We could be watching the scenery so much better if we got to ride on the dashboard. We could see when we are going out the gate to leave Two Springs like this.

Our first stop we went to Orange Grove the place with the edible balls. It wasn't good ball season right now but there are still a few on the ground. But it is the time that there are flowers in the trees and they smell so good that you just can't believe it. Even humans can smell them and you know they don't have very good smellers.

Then the next day we went to a park we hadn't gone to before which was Kit Fox RV Park in Patterson. They kind of have mean pet restrictions and say there can only be two pets and not all kinds of dogs are allowed. Now that we are only two corgis we can stay there.

There is some good grass for walking on and they have poop bags and stuff. There is a dog yard but a big loud dog lived by it and barked at us so we did not go there and so I guess that some of their "Pet Policies" aren't enforced all that good after all.

After Kit Fox we went up to Rolling Hills Casino where we usually go. There is very good dog walking there though there is not a fenced dog yard. We spent an extra day there so that Mom could do some website work because of the big dog show that was coming up.

It rained, but then it got nice and sunny.

 Here are more of the views that we missed because we have to ride in the $*#()%* crates.

Then we got to Oregon and we spent a few days at Valley of the Rogue State Park where it seems like we are living a lot of the time.

First it was nice and me and Dodah took Mom for a walk

Sigh. Then the weather got very depressing.

After that we went to Silver Spur which is another place we go to some times. They used to have a dog yard there but they were making more RV spaces so there isn't a dog yard anymore but there are more streets to walk on now.

While we were there I met one of my older brothers and his name is Duncan. His Mom died (can you even imagine that?) and Duncan's dad didn't want him any more so my Mom went and got him and brought him back to our house. 

Dodah liked him a lot and wanted to keep him but our Mom had already found a new Mom and Dad for Duncan and now he lives at the ocean with a different Cardigan sister.

Nora came to see us too with her mom and dad and she grew up so much since we saw her last time and she can sing and everything. You can hear me singing with her in the background.

More coming soon, I promise!