Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Nest

The show last weekend in Roseburg was at Stewart Park on the Umpqa River. We had the two spots at the northeast corner of the parking area, with the golf course fence to the east and grass, trees, and a butterfly garden behind us. But there was this big pole in the site. A really tall pole. Right next to where Cheri pitched her tent.
Look up. That's not a light post or a telephone pole. It's an osprey nest.
One of the youngsters flexing his/her wings.
A few times we saw one of the adults return to the nest with a fish. We didn't catch a picture that included a fish, unfortunately. Things learned. When you see the butt-end of one of the birds hanging over the side of the nest . . .
Watch out below!
And it doesn't just fall; it comes out in a jet-stream of white/green/yellow liquid. I thought it was quite amusing when Cheri got nailed as we were all sitting around camp. But then . . . as I'm talking to Mandy on my cell phone and just before I went into the group ring with Nikki . . . it got me. The only saving grace for either of us is that Tom did not have his camera out at the time.
Heading back to camp Sunday afternoon when most everybody else had left. The picture shows the position of the pole quite well. Ah Oregon, where else can you dog-show camp with Ospreys? And then there was the experience of "Night Golf" on Saturday. Which lasts until the wee hours of the morning and apparently requires much lubrication from the clubhouse.