Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ring bearer

Huxley is scheduled to be ring-bearer at Jamie & Catherine's wedding next Saturday. As he needs his hands to walk on, I had to come up with another way for him to carry the rings.
Take a red tracking harness, knit, stuff, and attach two heart-shaped mini-pillows andvoila!
We can tie a ring on each little heart.
And Huxley comes with his own tuxedo.
I haven't got to work yet on the socks that I intend to knit. I was gifted with a stash of yarn and of unspun wool from a cousin. To make room for it, I had to finally finish an afghan that I had started years ago and then put away.
And just in time for long winter nights. I was originally knitting it for Mandy, but she has probably forgotten it by now. Maybe she still wants