Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sea Lions

We spent a little time today in Newport down in the historic waterfront district. There were alternating bands of showers, rain, and sun today, with high seas. The bay was popular with many local residents of the fat, flippered variety.
Many youngsters could be seen out on this breakwater.
But there was this group who were sacked out on the docks right in town, in close proximity to the fish processors and restaurants. Somehow they remind me a lot of many of our family members. The Cardigan family members, that is. Little short legs, torpedo-shaped bodies, sleeping on their backs . . . This guy was a real ham. A couple of times he started up what we call "family sings" with the Cardigans. He would bark and then some of the others would briefly wake up and bark with him before snoozing off again.
They even scratch their heads with their rear feet like dogs do. And for "wild animals" they seemed pretty darn tame.