Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shore Acres - Formal Garden

Saturday, 10/25/08 in the morning and early afternoon. A wonderful time of year on the Oregon Coast. The bulk of the tourists are gone, but the weather is only a little cooler than it is in the summer. Actually it was much warmer and dryer than it was for our tent-camping trip in August of '07.

 You can see how the fog was drifting through as it became a bright and sunny day.
You can see me way in the background in a red jacket.
Photo credits to Tom and his Nikon for the above images. The pictures below were from my little Panasonic Lumix which really does a pretty good job for a baby.
View past the fountain to the gift shop.

Looking for help: what is this bush with the
single blue berries? The foliage was becoming quite colorful.
Another splash of fall color.
Tom found this frog sunning himself. I managed a picture of him as well.
Looking down into the garden from the gazebo.

Gardener's cottage and gazebo.
I sometimes pause to consider how it is that we live so near to some of the best places on earth. Peaceful. I could have spent days sitting on a bench in the sun with a good book and/or with some knitting to do. We need to remember to spend more time there. And we will next month when we go back for the holiday lights.

I have many more pictures of different areas of the garden which I will be sharing in the days to come.