Monday, October 6, 2014

Komments by KADY! Issue #4

Hi fans, I'm sorry it's been so long but mom's been HOGGING the computer!

When I last left you we were playing in the ocean at Bayshore RV Park in Tokeland and it was so much fun for us dogs.  I'm not sure that the owner is used to having four-dog families but when he found out we were corgis he was happy.  He has a friend with a corgi and it does lots of tricks and is really cute.  But he doesn't look like us he is smaller and doesn't have his tail.   We were good dogs so we can go back.

So like I said there was this beach that was only there sometimes and when it was there we could roll in the sand.

And we could smell and taste all of the bird poop.  We never can catch those dang things though.  They aren't dumb like the birds at aunt Traci's house.

And we could run and run and run.

And be like crazy dogs.

And then when we got tired we could just sit and watch the tide go in and out and watch all of the birds move up and down the sand.

But we had to leave and go somewhere else.  This is how we travel in our crates:

We went back to Fort Stevens. 

 It was good because there wasn't so many kids and bicycles this time, but there were two big puppy mastiffs that weren't on leashes.  They were not staying where their mom and dad told them to so my dad told on them and then they had to stay on their leashes.  They were really big puppies and they barked really big and deep at other dogs.

The people next door to us lived in a tent and and left all of their food out when they went away for the day to the beach.  We barked and told mom and dad that this was happening.  Mom made pictures and showed them to the peoples when they came back.  They were lucky that it wasn't a bear.  Dad said something about "hanta virus" but didn't say that to the peoples next door.

Dog friends if you stay there this is a good spot on the back side of loop O because there is a path up to a grassy area that's good for dog walking.  And there is a lake called Coffenbury and mom and dad and me and Dodah and Huxley but not Grandma Alice walked a log way around it and then back on the road.  Dad said it was a "forced march" and Hux didn't want to go again the next day.

Then we went to a park on the John Day River and we liked walking there but we had to be careful because there might be rattlesnakes in the rocks.  But that's ok because we got to visit Aunt Louise and Uncle Gary and our cousin Spencer again.

There was a FENCE around my Delicious Tomatoes now!

But that Greedy Grandma Alice found a way around it.

They still have a wood pile though and wood is the next best thing to tomatoes.

 Isn't by sister Dodah pretty?  We love each other so  much.

Then we went to another park by the river.  It was pretty and green and had lots of grass to roll on and there were other dogs.  It was a good place for dogs with lots of room to walk.

Then we went to Aunt Denise's house and we played with Venus and Lilly and we liked them.   They even came in our house and we let them.

But then Dodah found out that she was adopted.  Our real mommy Boo-Hannah and her Daddy Pie were there and she loved them a lot.

She was sad when they went away in the Element with Mandy and she tried to get out the gate to go with them.

But we saw Pie and Venus again in a few days because there was a big dog show!

Pie got all pretty and got a couple of big ribbons.

Grandma FeeBee came and it might be her last dog show.  She got a big pink ribbon and stuff.

And our brother Hiro and sister Delta was there.  They had to get a bath and play dog show too but we didn't.

Mandy won a photo contest with this picture of grandma FeeBee.  She didn't have a bath for that picture.

The people partied.  A lot.

Dad made this picture of the sunset over the river.

Then we went back to the park on the river for a couple more days.  And then we went somewhere else.

We got there pretty late in the evening so we couldn't play much until morning but that was ok.   This is Bruneau Dunes in Idaho and it is a really good place for dogs.

The next morning mom took me and Dodah to a place in the park where dogs can be off leash.   It is between the campground and the visitor center.

Look how far away Dodah went!

  I stayed closer to mom.  She might get lost or something.

 There was lots of varmints there and we could have caught one if mom had given us more time.

Us dogs wanted to stay longer.  Mom promises that we can go back next year.

Then we drove again and when we got out it was cold and it was raining in icy stuff.

There was a dog-walking area and they were ok with four dogs but it was too cold to stay out very much.  This was Phillips RV park in Evanston Wyoming.

And then we drove a really long day and now we have been at a really good park for five days!  There are paths for dogs to walk on and smell the smells.

And there are BUNNIES!!  Our favorite.  But we didn't catch any.

And there are a whole bunch of little lakes and when you wade in them you get your feet all black and then when you go home mom holds you under a faucet to wash them.

It makes me shake just to think about it.

See you again when mom lets me have the computer back!

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