Thursday, January 21, 2016

Anza-Borrego 2016 - Part 2

01/08/16 After the Storm

More birds at the feeder.

Clark Dry Lake wasn't 


01/09/16 Coyote Canyon Drive

Checking the water depth at the Third Crossing.

 Good to go.

Heading up the rocky slope.

Palm oasis

Sheep Creek Canyon primitive campground

 Back down the rocks


01/12/16 Seventeen Palms Oasis

Sign indicates that there may be a pool under the debris.

The desert is coming to life.


01/14/16 Palm Canyon and the Alternate Trail

A young palm in the wash.

The effect of desert varnish clearly shows where the chunk of rock broke off.

We did not see any borrego (sheep) but their presence was evident.

Imagine sitting on this rock a thousand years ago grinding grain. 

 More young palms and the stream.

twotravelers on the trail.

Approaching the oasis

Under the trees.

The main trail is 1.5 miles to the oasis, making a three-mile round trip. We decided to take the "alternate trail" back which we had never been on before.

We did not realize that it was 1) rocky and less groomed, 2) had many ups and downs rather than a slow descent, and 3) is about 2.5 miles based on our four-mile round trip.

It looks like Tom is standing on a rock, but he is actually on the trail.

Here is looking down from the same spot. Yes, there is a winding dirt path between the rocks.

Sometimes I just take pictures of cool rocks.

Down the wash at the end of the trail.