Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy Trails with Dora - but not enough!

Mom has been NOT GOOD about walking with me for quite a while.  First we were in Yellowstone. Yes, Mom walked a lot. But DOGS are not allowed on the trails.  All we could do is walk around the campground loop. And then sometimes we couldn't even do that. There was a freaking big Bison who lived on our loop. One time there was even a bear!

We just had to make do with where we could go (sigh).

Then we went to a park by a river. It was named "Buffalo Bill" but there were no bison there, just antelope things. There was a nature trail that me and mom walked on.

At least it was called a nature trail.  But the trail wasn't in very good shape and there are no little signs to tell you what all of the plants are.

The trail is nice and shady and goes along a little creek. If you keep going farther you will be walking along the Shoshone River.

We didn't see any other people using the trail. Then Mom and Dad were talking to a host and might have found out why.  It seems there had been a momma bear living around there with two cubs. They hadn't seen her in a little while though as she got scared off by a revival that was held across the river from the park. I am glad that me and Mom did not find her.

After our trip through Wyoming we went back to Oregon where we used to live.  Some places were good to walk and some weren't.  One of the good places was at Valley of the Rogue State Park.

There are plenty of trails to walk on.

The only bad thing that Huxley didn't like was that there were both puncture vine which some people call goathead and star thistle if you get off the trail.

But there is a river to swim in. And you guys know how much I love swimming.

And tasty green grass and stuff too.

Then we went to the desert to Two Springs and I had my Fourth Birthday!

This is me cuddling my favorite stuffed dog, Seaman.

Now it's a new year and hopefully mom will make more walking time with ME!