Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

We were musing over why we never came here back when we lived in Fallbrook.  Then we realized: perhaps it's because when we moved there we had a three-year-old and were expecting in two moths, and when we left we had a three-year-old and a six-year-old.  Not exactly conducive to desert camping.

 The visitors' center is accessible from the campground via a .6 mile trail.  It's in an earth-sheltered building which at first we did not realize we were standing atop.

Most of the cool places to visit are either 1) dirt roads, 2) jeep trails, or 3) only accessible by foot.  We decided we could give the Element a try on a couple that were marked as not quite as rugged.

 Crossing Coyote Creek.
 Note tracks:  truly "Coyote" Creek.  A coyote which looked to be the size of a German Shepherd crossed the road in front of us before we even got this far.

Ocotillo at Ocotillo Flats.

Good little Element.  Though seriously we are considering a jeep as a toad. 

 Rocks on side of Coyote Mountain.  Gary and Louise: I thought of you!

After proving we could do Coyote Canyon, we decided to try the four-mile track out to Font's Point. When we arrived and walked the last yards up to the far point  . . .

. . . we were surprised with:


You can see trusty Element below us at the right side of this picture. 

More and longer visits are ahead of us.  And I think we may even get brave enough to boondock.

Link to park map.